Lana kane

Lana Kane is a field agent at ISIS and one of the main characters in the TV show Archer.

She dated Sterling Archer in the past, but dumped him for being a jerk and a mama's boy.  Afterwards, she had an on and off relationship with Cyril Figgis, which Archer repeatedly tried to sabotage out of jealousy.

Lana eventually becomes pregnant through a sperm donor, and gives birth to a baby named Abbiejean at the end of Season 5--it's soon revealed that Archer is Abbiejean's biological father.


  • Archer's mom, Malory, believes that she'd be Abbiejean's legal guardian if anything were to happen to her parents, but it's later revealed that if anything were to happen to Lana (and only Lana), custody would go to either Lana's parents, Lemuel and Claudette, or Lana's sister (who has yet to be seen or named).
    • At first, Archer's against this, but after taking into consideration what he and his family are like, he realizes that it's probably what's best for their daughter and agrees to it.

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