274px-Rsz laney
Grojband Laney Penn loveing Corey Riffin all the time

I love you.

Laney Penn is the love interest of Corey Riffin from the cartoon called Grojband. She is also the rock of this rock and roll band and is the only female member in Corey's band. She is the guitarist in Corey's band and she, Corey, Kin and Kon play songs after Corey's cruel older sister, Trina Riffin goes into diary mode. Laney has a huge crush on Corey that anyone can tell except for him. She appears to get lovestruck when she and Corey make physical contact. She and Corey had to fall in love as they sang at a wedding and fixing Kin and Kon's friendship, showing that Laney has romantic feelings for Corey and Corey shows that she loves her. She serves as the primary love interest for Corey in the entire series. She and Corey kissed in one episode and they both got lovestruck.
Grojband When people are in love, they are singing duets

I love to hug you.

She is voiced by Bryn McAuley.
Grojband Caney in Curse of the Metrognome

Laney and Corey kissed

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