Larry Feegan is Shelly Marsh's love interest in South Park.


Larry's family are vegans, which gets Larry teased by the other kids who call him "Feegan the Vegan". For some reason they always make him wear a floatation vest. When the Marsh parents leave town, Stan and Shelly are forced to spend the weekend with the Feegans. After listening to Larry's parents brag about their veganism, Shelly stands up for Larry and says that he should be allowed to decide if he wants to be a vegan or not. Larry is touched by this and starts making several romantic gestures towards Shelly.

Shelly and Larry become a couple. Larry gets tickets to a broadway show and when Shelly's father finds out, he panics and tries to sabotague the show, knowing that if Shelly enjoys herself too much she'll perform a sex act on Larry. Shelly's dad destroys the entire theatre and Larry is killed in the commotion.

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