Lauren Shiba is the older sister of Jayden Shiba and a Red Samurai Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai in the Super season. She is the love interest of Antonio Garcia. 

Her Story Edit

As kids, Lauren and Jayden were sent away. Lauren was sent somewhere to practice and perfect the sealing symbol which would seal the Nighlok Master Xandred for good, while Jayden was at the Shiba house training with Antonio to become Samurai Rangers.

Years later, she was able to master the sealing symbol and was later able to come to her brother's aid as he was hurting from the curse of the fire from a Nighlok since he wasn't the one to know the symbol necessary to seal the master, it couldn't destroy him. While Jayden's friends faced the Nighlok in mega form, Lauren soon arrived and helped the Rangers out by finishing the Nighlok off.

The Rangers welcomed her, but was not accustomed to Lauren being the Red Samurai Ranger yet. Jayden tells them to treat Lauren like they did him as he left to fight against Deker. Little by little they began to trust Lauren more and was able to fight by her side against more Nighlok. Mentor Ji, went to Search for Jayden but found him fighting Deker and got injured in the process. When he returned to the Rangers, he told them that Jayden was fighting Deker. All but Antonio went to help Jayden, as Antonio stayed with Lauren to fight the Nighlok.

When Deker was destroyed, Dayu used her harmonium to fully restore Master Xandred, and upon being weakened by Mia, Master Xandred absorbed her body. As the Rangers stalled enough for Lauren to complete the sealing symbol, it didn't work for the fact that Dayu was half human half Nighlok, and Xandred took Dayu's human part with her making the sealing symbol useless since it would only work if Xandred was fully a Nighlok.

With the sealing symbol failed Lauren passed the leadership back to Jayden as they fought against Xandred and the Nighlok Lauren used all of her power to create the Shiba Fire disk that would finally give the edge to Jayden to destroy Xandred. It worked only for Xandred to go giant, but the Rangers were barely able to finally finish him off for good.

With the world saved, Lauren promised Jayden that even though she would be leaving, she will see Jayden plenty. She left without saying goodbye to the other Rangers as she stated that she's not very good at saying goodbyes or hellos for that matter. So she left the Shiba house to go to her next destination only for Jayden to tell his friends even Antonio that she said goodbye.