Lexus was one of Butters' crushes in the animated comedy South Park.

Being a gold-digger, Lexus was very selfish and greedy, though Butters could not see this and only cared about her appearance that he considered beautiful as well as her flirting personality and sweet-talking.


After the boys go to a restaurant called Raisins (a parody of Hooters), Butters finds himself attracted to Lexus, the waitress that served him. Lexus flirts with Butters constantly, taking advantage of his generous nature as Butters spends all of his pocket money at Raisins. When Butter's parents find out about this, they tell Butters that Lexus is only pretending to like him as a way of getting his money. Butters denies this and tells Lexus to say that's not true. To his dismay, Lexus says she doesn't like Butters and goes off to flirt with the other customers.

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