Elizibeth "Libby" Smith, is a character on the TV series, Lost. She is the love interest of "Hurley". 

She was a survivor of flight 815, but she is not introduced until Season 2, because she was in the tail-section of the plane, which landed on a different part of the island.

After she joins the main group of survivors of flight 815, she meets Hurley, who she becomes romantically involved with, She stops Hurley from commiting suicide, after he becomes convinced that the island is all in his mind, and the only way to wake up is to die. The two then confess their feelings for each other. As their relationship grows, Hurley decides to plan a date with her. Unfortunately, before they can go on their picnic date, Libby is shot by Michael Dawson, and killed.

In the afterlife, she and Hurley happily reunite.

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