Linda Gunderson

Linda Gunderson is Blu's former owner and best friend. She formerly lived and worked in the Blue Macaw Books store in Moose Lake, Minnesota, and now lives and works at Livraria Blu (the Brazilian version of Blue Macaw Books) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is the secondary protagonist of Rio and Rio 2. The adult Linda is voiced by Leslie Mann, while the film director's daughter, Sofia Scarpa Saldanha, voiced the younger Linda. She's the love interest of Tulio Monteiro and later became girlfriend at the end of Rio. At Rio 2, she was happily married to her sweetheart, Tulio and they both work together to find the other macaws which means that Blu and Jewel are not the only one. She is serves as the personal female horse driver to the Chipmunks and the Chipettes. When she transformed into a female horse rider, she wears a low backed, strapless, light green satin dress. The skirt portion reached to her ankles and a slit running down one side of the dress from the hip exposed her left leg. An oriental design depicting an adult male greater bird of paradise standing atop guava tree branch was embroidered across the right leg and the outfit was completed with navy blue stockings that reaching her upper legs, light purple high heels, and long light purple satin opera gloves that reaching her upper arms.