Lindsey Naegle is the (former) ninth main antagonist turned supporting character from TV series "The Simpsons". She
Lindsey Naegle
appears for the first time in the eighth season. From then on will appear again and again in the series.

Love lifeEdit

Naegle once dated Ned Flanders, but the date was interrupted by Naegle receiving a fax (from a fax machine strapped to her leg) which indicated she had been indicted. She is an enthusiastic practitioner of the childfree lifestyle, and at one point spearheads a movement to make Springfield less child-friendly. Once romantically linked with Judge Roy Snyder, she is a graduate from the Wharton Business School. She is a stereotypical upper management executive, and her ventures almost always promote the business buzzword “synergy”.

It's implied that she's been sleeping with Krusty the Clown, due to the way they were both giggling and blushing.

Marge told Homer that if she died, he would be allowed to remarry to Naegle, as seen on a list in the back of his closet.

She has also been seen with Moe Szyslak, Sea Captain, Disco Stu, Blue-haired lawyer, Rainier Wolfcastle and Lenny Leonard.

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