"'Terrorize this!"

Lisa is the love interest to Gary in the satirical comedy Team America: World Police.


Lisa is part of the task force known as Team America, the enforcers of the American way. Her speciality is psychology, being able to figure out how most terrorists think and predicting their next moves. Like the rest of her teammates, Lisa is patriotic to a fault and thinks nothing of causing collateral damage as long as it's not on American soil and it stops the terrorists.


Gary JohnstonEdit

Gary was a Broadway actor recruited at the start of the film to act as a double-agent and earn the terrorist's trust. He was reluctant at first but upon seeing Lisa he was instantly smitten and joined the team. After helping to stop a terrorist plot in Cairo, Gary bonds with and confesses his love to Lisa. After watching her fianceé die, Lisa is reluctant to start over, but tells Gary that if he can promise her he'll never die, she'll make love to him. Gary promises in a comedically monotone voice and they have a particularly memorable sex scene.

When Gary finds out that the terrorists have bombed Panama Canal as an act of retaliation for the events in Cairo, he breaks down and quits, saying he doesn't want the responsibility of letting other people die becasue of him. Lisa and the others go on without Gary, only to get captured by Kim Jong-il. After reflecting on his decision to leave, Gary decides he should accept the responsibility and returns to the Team America base. After going through a trust excercise with the team leader, Gary trains to be a better agent and travels to North Korea to rescue the team and stop Kim Jong-il. Gary finds out that Kim Jong-il has Lisa as his personal hostage and is being sheltered by all the world leaders and the Film Actors Guild (FAG). In order to save face, Gary explains with a rousing speech the semantics of what Team America truly is and that without them people like Kim Jong-il would go unchallenged. With everyone now against Kim Jong-il, Lisa is able to kill him and rekindles her romance with Gary.


Carson was a fellow Team America agent and later fianceé to Lisa. After destroying most of Paris to stop some terrorists from destroying all of Paris, Carson proposes to Lisa. At that moment, a terrorist who survived managed to shoot Carson. Lisa held Carson's dying body in her arms and he told her that she needs to find someone else and live on. This event haunted Lisa until she met Gary.

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