Loves My Alter Ego is a TV Tropes term that refers to when a love interest is considered unattainable by the person longing for them, they will rely on an alter ego to boost their confidence. In the best case scenarios, the hero will unmask and find out that their beloved has always liked them.


  • Spiderman/Peter Parker and any one of his girlfriends.
  • Anzu Masaki for Dark Yugi
  • Lois Lane for Superman
  • Steve Trevor for Wonder Woman
  • Chase Meridian has an obsession with Batman. Her baser instincts seem to have figured out he's secretly Bruce Wayne, as she doesn't outwardly reject him.
  • The Don Juan Triumphant opera seen in The Phantom of the Opera has this trope as a premise. In it, two friends conspire to win a fair maiden. The opera then becomes real when the Phantom kills one of the performers and takes his part.
  • Helga Pataki bullies Arnold constantly. When she disguises herself as a French exchange student and begins flirting with him, she finds out that he likes her. Unfortunately, Helga never unmasks herself, ultimately leaving it to the viewer to wonder which one Arnold was attracted to.
  • Megamind and Roxanne Ritchi. Megamind seemed ready to become his alter-ego permanently for her, only for the disguise to slip off. Roxanne chews him out in a heartbreaking scene.