Love Interest
Lucifer Morningstar

Full Name

Lucifer Morningstar


Prince Darkness
Samael, the Lightbringer


The Devil
Owner of Lux
Civilian Consultant for the LAPA
Chloe Decker's Partner




Temptation Inducement
Desire Exhibition
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Durability
Supernatural Reflexes
Supernatural Metabolism


Punishing people
Playing the piano
Spending time with Chloe
Talking with Linda


To solve crimes with Chloe

Type of Love Interest


Lucifer Morningstar is the main protagonist of the supernatural police comedy-drama series, Lucifer. He is the Devil, the second son of God and the younger brother of Amenadiel. He is also the owner of the night club, Lux and is the main love interest and partner of Chloe Decker.


Lucifer is the son of God and has many brothers and sisters who play their part. Lucifer was born as Samael, the Light Bringer as he was once originally one of God's best and brightest Angels. However, when Lucifer somewhat rebelled against his father, God sent Lucifer to run hell, devastating Lucifer and feeling immensely betrayed. Lucifer then reluctantly run hell for eons, developing a serious reputation and gaining a friend in Mazikeen. However, in 2011 Lucifer retired from Hell and decided to live on Earth in Los Angelus as a vacation. Since arriving on Earth, Lucifer has opened a nightclub "Lux". Eventually, Lucifer's life would change when in 2016 he would witness his friend, celebrity singer Delilah be murdered.


Season OneEdit

Lacking faith in the LAPA to catch the person responsible, Lucifer took it upon himself to catch Delilah's killer and soon began working with Detective Chloe Decker. Lucifer and Chloe manage to catch the Culprit and eventually begin working together to solve cases, but Lucifer faces other problems as his brother Amenadiel is trying to send him back to hell. While at the same time, Lucifer has began seeing therapist, Linda Martin who has also recently discovered the truth that he is in fact the Devil.

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Chloe DeckerEdit

Chloe and Lucifer first met each other when Chloe began investigating the death of famous singer, Delilah, who was also a friend to Lucifer. Since their first meeting, Lucifer and Chloe's different personalities clashed, but soon they both began working together to discover who had Delilah killed. Lucifer soon discovers upon meeting Chloe that she isn't affected when he uses his powers on her. He is shocked and confused by thus, but finds Chloe interesting and also begins to develop an attraction towards her. In return, Chloe becomes interested and begins to investigate Lucifer following the conclusion of Deliah's case, witnessing he wasn't harmed whatsoever when he was shot multiple times. Since then, Lucifer and Chloe have began working together to solve cases and although Chloe refuses his help in the beginning, they soon discover they make a good team.

Since they began working together, Lucifer is also shown to be openly attracted to Chloe and reveals his wishes for them to sleep together, but Chloe always rebuffs Lucifer's advances. Slowly, Lucifer and Chloe begin to form a partnership and friendship and after Lucifer officially becomes a consultant for the LAPA, Lucifer and Chloe officially become partners. While Chloe is shown to be constantly annoyed by Lucifer's attitude, especially his claims of being the Devil, she gradually begins to enjoy his company, slowly growing close through their investigations together. Originally Chloe refuses to admit her feelings, but eventually confesses despite how he acts, she does enjoy working together with him and comes to view him as a good friend. Lucifer's relationship with Chloe is shown to have grown so much that when a drunk Chloe attempted to sleep with him after Dan supposedly ended their marriage for good, Lucifer refuses to take advantage of Chloe. Overall, Lucifer and Chloe begin to develop a close bond between them, growing stronger throughout the first season as they discover more about each other. Chloe finds the scars on Lucifer's back as well as the troubles with his father and in return Lucifer learns the saddening truth about Chloe's own father.

Aside from their growing partnership and relationship, Lucifer discovers much to his shock in the first season that not only do his powers have no effect on Chloe, he also learns he becomes vulnerable to pain and injuries whenever he is in her presence. Upon the discovery, Lucifer becomes more intrigued about Chloe's affect towards him. Lucifer also finds himself being challenged by Chloe while she also teases him at the same time. Lucifer begins to realize that Chloe has a mysterious unknown effect on him, making more sensable and caring to others and can see how he is truly feeling at times when he doesn't realize himself. However, unknown to both Lucifer and Chloe, they both begin to develop genuine romantic feelings for each other, but remain unaware and completely oblivious of their true feelings throughout the first season.

In the second season, Lucifer and Chloe's relationship continues to grow stronger and they become more closer. During this time, Lucifer comes to realize that while he may constantly talk and acknowledge of his identity as the Devil, he doesn't want Chloe to truly learn the truth, afraid of her reaction after revealing his identity to Linda. Throughout the second season, Lucifer and Chloe finally begin to realize and acknowledge their true and genuine romantic feelings for each other. Lucifer and Chloe also come to realize their feelings have gradually become more obvious to their friends and family around them, even confronting the pair respectively of their real feelings for the other on separate occasions. Since finally realizing their true feelings, Chloe and Lucifer finally begin express to them, especially during the cases involving Azrael's blade provoking death, the death of a real estate agent and the trial of involving the man who murdered Chloe's father.

Eventually, Lucifer and Chloe's growing feelings eventually lead the two to almost share their first kiss until they were interrupted by one of Lucifer's exes. Lucifer then begins to try and show Chloe that he genuinely has real romantic feelings for her and to convince her to give a possible relationship between them a chance. However, Chloe still refuses to start a relationship, claiming they are both different people, but clearly Chloe's feelings for him grow stronger, showing obvious jealously towards Charlotte Richards, believing she is an ex-girlfriend of Lucifer. Eventually, Lucifer decides to give up his pursuit of beginning a real relationship with Chloe, believing she deserves someone more worthy than himself after looking back on his previous relationships. However, when Lucifer begins to reveal everything he loves about Chloe, including her middle name, Chloe and Lucifer finally share their first kiss.

However, much to Lucifer's complete utter shock, he learns that his father had sent Amenidal down to Earth years ago and gave a miracle to Chloe's mother Penelope Decker, allowing her to give birth to Chloe. Upon this discovery, Lucifer learns Chloe is a miracle child created by God and finally realizes that's the sole reason why she isn't affected by his powers. Lucifer confronts Chloe, believing she may have known the entire time, but discovers more important matters that Chloe has been poisoned and if an antidote isn't found/created than she will die. Lucifer is determined not to let Chloe die and journeys into Hell to find the man who can save her life, gaining the antidote thereby saving Chloe's life. However, still in shock upon learning the truth about Chloe, Lucifer now believes her feelings for him and their entire relationship has been nothing but a lie and leaves Los Angeles for weeks, completely cutting ties with Chloe, his family and everyone.

Chloe is deeply hurt and distraught by Lucifer's actions, but is more hurt when he returns and claims to have "married" a woman, Candy Morningstar. Chloe is furious with Lucifer, expressing her deep disappointment with him and no longer wishes to continue working with him. Chloe begins to truly believe that Lucifer has never truly cared about her and despite his protests on her thoughts, Chloe is unsure is she even trusts him anymore. However, unknown to Chloe, Lucifer feels she had no control over her "supposed" feelings for him and reveals the true motive behind his actions to Amenadiel. Lucifer confesses his actions involving Candy is his way of letting Chloe go and allowing her to make her own choices, revealing it's his way of protecting Chloe for himself while expressing his own heartbreak of the situation. Eventually, Chloe slowly begins to forgive Lucifer as he makes a grand gesture to show Chloe he is sorry for ignoring her feelings by singing her Eternal Flame. Finally when Lucifer's life is threatened by a killer, Chloe saves his life and after learning from Candy that Lucifer still greatly cares for her, revealing his strong desire to continue working together, Chloe finally forgives Lucifer for his actions.

Chloe and Lucifer's friendship and partnership is restored, but they don't resume their almost romantic relationship. Basically their relationship returns to it's original status as they were in the beginning. However, unknown to Chloe, Candy and Lucifer were never married, revealing she is truly an actress who was repaying Lucifer for helping her in Las Vegas, by spying and trying to learn the true motives regarding his mother. Before leaving Los Angeles to return to Las Vegas, Candy advises Lucifer regarding his relationship with Chloe. Realising their feelings, Candy advises Lucifer not to mess with his relationship with Chloe. Throughout the remainder of the season, Lucifer and Chloe's partnership and friendship gradually restores and reveals that despite Lucifer's prior actions involving Candy, both Chloe and Lucifer still showcase strong feelings.

Later towards the ending of the second season, Lucifer becomes extremely worried for Chloe's safety when his mother becomes an extreme danger to everyone around him. Lucifer's mother desperately desires to return to Heaven before her human body explodes, being unable to handle or contain her returning powers and becomes extremely impatient. When his mother attacks Linda and threatens to harm Chloe, Lucifer is willing to give up the Flaming Sword to ensure Chloe's safety. However, since Chloe still remains unaware of the truth regarding Lucifer and his family, the situation grows increasingly complicated. Lucifer tries to prevent Chloe from discovering the truth, causing Chloe to believe he may not fully trust her. Eventually by the end of the investigation, after Chloe assures Lucifer he can confide in her of anything, Lucifer decides Chloe should finally learn the truth about him. However, before Lucifer can reveal the truth, he is kidnapped by an unknown figure and later finds himself in the desert with his wings somehow miraculously restored.


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  • Lucifer can play the piano and sing.
  • Lucifer becomes mortal whenever he is in Chloe's presence.
  • Fans of the show ship Lucifer and Chloe's relationship as Deckerstar.
  • Lucifer is able to free himself from handcuffs.
  • Lucifer has a British accent.

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