Madison Rocca

Madison Rocca is the love interest of Nick Russell from Power Rangers: Mystic Force.

Her StoryEdit

She is the younger sister of Vida to which she is referred as "Maddie".

She first meets Nick after Nick entered Briarwood for the first time.

At first, Nick thinks Maddie is hiding behind her camera, after becoming the Blue Mystic Ranger, he allowed her, Nick and her friends to work together and believe in magic.

She is then turned into stone by the Clawbuster monster, but Nick came to the rescue to destroy Clawbuster and turns her back to normal.

She then kisses a frog that transforms into Daggeron, the Solaris Knight.

She and the other Rangers get trapped in an alternate reality where the Mystic Force Rangers never existed, but they undid everything and gained new armor.

During the final battle with Octomus the Master, Madison becomes upset and tells Nick that he is their leader and they will not give up, which shows that she cares for him.

In the end, there was a hint of a possible romance between her and Nick as Madison harbored romantic feelings for Nick and Nick becomes attracted to her.

Nick promises her that he would return to Briarwood after visiting his adoptive parents, leaving her with his baby blanket and Nick presumably began dating Madison.