Love Interest

Full Name

Maeby Fünke


Shirley Fünke


Arrested Development


Balboa High Student
Banana stand cashier
Briefly a movie executive




Not doing what she's told


Get away from her parents

Maeby Fünke is the love interest/cousin of George-Michael Bluth in the TV series Arrested Development.


Maeby's most prominent personality trait is her rebelliousness. In nearly every episode she's antagonising her parents, who always ignore her. Maeby works at the frozen banana stand with George-Michael, though her work ethic leaves much to be desired.

While trying to finish a book report, Maeby managed to worm her way into working as a film executive. When questioned about her age, Maeby just laughs it off. This came to an end when George-Michael invited several co-workers and famous actors to her 16th bithday party, losing Maeby her job.

In the Season 3 finale, Maeby pitches a screenplay of her family's crazy exploits to Ron Howard, who dismisses the initial pitch for a television series but considers producing a film about it.



George-Michael first developed a crush on Maeby when she convinced him to kiss her as a way of shocking their parents. After the family declares bankruptcy, Maeby and her parents move in with George-Michael and his father, with Maeby sharing a room with George-Michael. George-Michael often plays an unwitting accomplice inMaeby's schemes.

While initially feeling guilty about lusting over his cousin, George-Michael picks up some subtle hints from her parents that Maeby might not be related to him by blood. In Season 3, George-Michael tells Maeby that she might be adopted, but is seemingly proven wrong when Maeby's father shows them photos of Goerge-Michael's aunt physically giving birth to her. In the Season 3 finale, it is revealed that Maeby's mother Lindsay is her biological mother, but that Lindsay is the one who was adopted, not Maeby.

Steve HoltEdit

Steve Holt is the local pea-brained jock at Maeby and George-Michael's school. Maeby has a huge crush on him and does whatever she can to get with him. When Steve Holt finds out that his biological father is Maeby's uncle G.O.B., she immediately stops persuing him.


Annyoung is Maeby's newly-adopted Korean uncle. When George-Michael starts dating Ann, Maeby starts making out with Annyoung as a way of making him jealous (mirroring the time she made out with George-Michael). After that, Annyoung developed a crush on her, though this was largely ignored.

Love RivalsEdit

Ann VealEdit

Maeby, along with the rest of the Bluth family, despises Ann for no particular reason. In Maeby's case, this seems to be subconcious jealousy over her step-cousin, presumably because she enjoys having George-Michael around as a lackey for her schemes. George-Michael does tend to be a yes-man who follows whomever he's dating, so this makes sense.

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