Mai is one of the main recurring characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender. She is a former ally to Princess Azula and is the main love interest of Zuko.


Mai is the daughter and eldest child of the former governor of New Ozai and his wife. She is one of Princess Azula's main allies, and therefore one of Team Avatar's greatest foes. As one of the most privileged girls in the Fire Nation, she attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls and became a friend of Princess Azula and Ty Lee at a young age and met Zuko. After Zuko returns to the Fire Nation she becomes his on-off girlfriend.

Mai is exceptionally skilled at throwing stilettos, a self-taught ability she developed out of boredom. Using small knives similar to ninja shuriken and spring-loaded stilleto holsters concealed in her robes, she is capable of besting numerous benders at once, despite not being a bender herself.



Zuko is formally the main antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender and is Mai's main love interest.


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  • Mai is introduced in the second season of the series alongside Azula and Ty Lee.

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