The music man 9

Marian in the original 1962 version

Marian in the 2003 version

Marian in the 2003 remake

Marian Paroo is the love interest of Harold Hill from the Broadway hit musical and the 1962 film and its 2003 remake, The Music Man.  She is a librarian.  She first met Harold while she was working at the library along with the song, "Marian the Librarian".  She then discovers in the Indiana Journal of Education that Hill's claim to being the Gold Medal class is a lie.  She attempts to present the evidence to Mayor Shinn and expose Hill as a fraud, but is interrupted by the arrival of the Wells Fargo wagon.  She joins in with the townspeople and speaks effusively with Marian because of her excitement when she receives his cornet, she begins to fall in love with Hill and hides the evidence she has uncovered with the mayor.  Hill tells the boys to learn to play the "Think System".  Marian is falling more in love with Harold and is the first time she has even been with a man.  She didn't knew the deception but didn't tell because she is now in love with him along with the song, "Till There Was You".  After an Angry mob captured Hill, he brought before a town meeting to be tarred and feathered.  She defends Hill and the townspeople reminded of how he has brought so many of them together by the presence there.  The Mayor tells the townspeople standing there like a cote of Shropshire sheep of how much Hill has taken from them for instruments and he loudly wants to know where the band is and Hill is saved by the town's boys and the entire townspeople begin a parade as she and Hill became a couple leading the marching band.