Marina is the love interest of Handy Smurf in the animated series The Smurfs. Handy Smurf save her when she was unconcious when she wake up and tell her name. handy Smurf fall in love with her when he heard her name and she shown feeling for him too. She was also happy they save her father and reunited both of them. She wanted to spend time with Handy Smurf and agreed to go on the lake with her. She told him if he want to go with her under the sea. He agreed to swim with her but will soon find out it was a big mistake. Handy lost his whisper and Marina was feared for his life and return him to the surface. When they return to the smurfs village Marina father told her if she really love him she had to let him go in his village. Marina cried but accept the deal and she spend her last moment with handy Smurf. When Handy Smurf smelled a flower he heard Marina voice and return to his village with happiness that she is not forget him.

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