Love Interest
Josie Maran 5

Full Name





Van Helsing


Youngest and sexiest Bride of Dracula


Beauty, immense lust, seduction, charm, shape shifting


Lusting after men then killing them, cowering up to Dracula and Verona for protection


Be naked with Dracula, Verona and Aleera forever and make a world of vampires through their offspring (failed)

Type of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interest

Marishka is one of the three Love Interests of Dracula, Verona and Aleera from the film Van Helsing. She is the sexiest Bride of Dracula and she is played by Josie Maran.


Before the filmEdit

Marishka was one of Dracula's first Brides and she is the youngest and sexiest. Its presumed she was some gypsy before he bit her.

Marishka is first seen in the opening of the film when Dracula tries to get Victor Frankenstein to give him his newly created Monster to help his vampire children come to life. Frankenstein refuses so Dracula kills him. The Monster witnesses this, and, enraged, throws Dracula into the fire, but being a vampire he emerges unscathed.

The Monster comes out on the roof of the burning windmill and moans about his "father's" death. Then he apparently commits suicide. Dracula scares away the approaching mob of villagers, and him and his Brides arrive too late. Marishka is seen kissing Aleera at the time for sexual protection.

In the filmEdit

Marishka later appears when Dracula sees Van Helsing has come to Translyvania and orders him killed. Marishka flies in just as Anna Valerious said she didn't need any help. Van Helsing said "Oh, don't you?" and aimed his crossbow at the marauding vampires. The villagers all fled and Marishka was told by Verona to kill the stranger (Van Helsing) and Marishka sexually said she'd love to and flew down.

She abducted several men, boasting that their blood would make her beautiful, then threw them to their deaths after biting them.

All of Van Helsing's crossbow arrows bounced off her, and when hit, they caused no damage whatever. Marishka mocked Van Helsing's lame attempts to get her and sexually taunted him. Then Carl, Van Helsing's apprentice, said he had found some Holy Water and doused his arrows in it. Marishka looked immensely scared momentarily, showing her true beauty, but then she turned back into her vampire form and flew at Van Helsing, who shot her in the chest with a dart laced in Holy Water. Marishka screamed and turned to ash.

Verona and Aleera were shown to have remorse for Marishka's death, showing they were also in love with her.