Marisol Delko Caine

Marisol Delko Caine

Marisol Delko Caine is a recurring character introduced in the fourth season of CSI: Miami. She is the older sister of Eric Delko and is also the main love interest and later wife of Horatio Caine until her death.


Horatio CaineEdit

Horatio Caine is the Head of the Miami Crime Lab and is the main love interest of Marisol.

Years after Marisol's death, Horatio still loves her and misses very much as he keeps of a picture of them on their wedding day and visits Marisol's grave on her birthday.


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  • Marisol is still mentioned and seen in flashbacks throughout the series after her death.
  • She was sick with cancer and used marijuana to help ease the pain.
  • Delko was revealed to take care of Marisol.

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