Marisol Delko Caine

Marisol Delko Caine

Marisol Delko Caine is a recurring character introduced in the fourth season of CSI: Miami. She is the older sister of Eric Delko and is also the main love interest and later wife of Horatio Caine until her death.


Marisol is a kind, caring, sensitive, helpful, considerate and independent person. When she learns of her cancer, Marisol remains calm and while she receives great support and help from Eric, Marisol becomes worried, not wanting of him taking care of her to affect his job. Marisol displays a caring and considerate side as she attempted to buy marijuana to help not only herself, but her cancer support group even though she got into trouble.


Marisol is the older sister of CSI, Eric Delko and they share a loving and close relationship between them. In the beginning of the fourth season, Marisol learns she is diagnosed with breast cancer after noicting a mole. Marisol's cancer begins to take a heavy affect on her as she is no longer able to work and the treatments for her condition cause her great pain, forcing Marisol to receive marijuana to help ease the pain. Since learning of his sister's sickness, Eric begins to use almost all his time to help care for Marisol in almost every way possible and overall almost never leaves her side. Marisol appreciates Eric's help, but remains concerened and worried about him when his aid in helping care for her begins to affect his job and makes the effort to do things herself and not always seek Eric's help.

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Horatio Caine is the Head of the Miami Crime Lab and is the main love interest of Marisol.

Years after Marisol's death, Horatio still loves and misses her very much as he keeps of a picture of them on their wedding day and visits Marisol's grave on her birthday.




  • Marisol is still mentioned and seen in flashbacks throughout the series after her death.
  • Marisol is nicknamed "Mari".
  • Lab Technician, Dan Cooper was the first person to realize Marisol's romantic feelings for Horatio.

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