Martha May Whovier

Martha May Whovier is the love interest of The Grinch and Mayor Augustus Maywho. She was played by Christine Baranski.

Her lifeEdit

In her childhood years, Martha is the only one who was ever nice to the Grinch as he had a beard despite the age of 8 and she did flirting with him by say that she love the color of red and green which it surprised The Grinch and decide to make a gift for her.

The next day, she attempted to defend him while the rest of the class picked on him, but he left in a rage and has lived in a mountain ever since and she never sees him again which it make her sadder.

As years passed, Martha was mature and an rival with Cindy's mom, Betty Lou Who by winning the light contest which she won every years because Augustus had a crush on her since childhood.

Later she was seen by telling Cindy that she remembers The Grinch since childhood and denies her true feelings for The Grinch.

At the celebration, Martha wasn't impress with The Mayor since he's not her type and met The Grinch which he won and flirting with her which it make her blush a little.

Then, Martha was speechless that Augustus ask her to marry him which it make her feel bad since she's in love with The Grinch.

So, she decide to think about it until the next day, Martha realize that Christmas isn't about gifts, but spend time with your loves one and know the true nature of Augustus by blaming Cindy Lou Who for ruining Christmas and letting The Grinch come to Whoville.

At the end, Martha decide to call off the engagement and gives him back the ring when the Grinch reforms and want to be with The Grinch for the rest of her life since she love The Grinch more than everything in the world which that makes The Grinch happy.


  • Even though she denies that she have feelings for The Grinch, she still does since childhood.
  • Even though she wasn't afraid of The Grinch like Cindy Lou Who, she also care about him too.
  • Martha May may have both love rival, but she love The Grinch and doesn't return her feelings to Mayor Augustus after seeing that Augustus was being mean and selfish to The Grinch since childhood.
  • Martha May return The Grinch's feeling after saying that Red and Green is her favorite color on Christmas which it surprised The Grinch and decide to give her a gift until the next day he was making fun of when he shave himself, lost his temper and run away which it hurt Martha May when she feel bad for him since childhood.
  • In deleted scene, Martha May won the light concert which it is because of The Mayor have some feelings for her and don't want her to lose. The other one when the mayor ask her out on a date which she kindly refuse.
  • When the Mayor proposed to her, she was stunned and was afraid, because she still love The Grinch and she knows that The Grinch still love her too. At the end, she calls off the engagement and tell everybody, including The Mayor that she's in love and love with The Grinch which that makes The Grinch very happy.
  • Martha May is the only Who who's very beautiful in Whoville and have 2 love interest who's trying to win her heart which it was The Grinch who won her heart.
  • Martha May is similar to Belle like both are beautiful, both have 2 love interest (Belle to Beast and Gaston, Martha May to The Grinch and Mayor Augustus), both are in love with the main protagonist (Belle and The Beast, Martha May to The Grinch), both care the main protagonist and love them who they are and both end up with the main protagonist after confess their feelings for them.


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