Love Interest

Full Name

Mary Brady






Lustful mother of Charles Brady and a Sleepwalker vampire


Beauty, immense lust, seduction, great body, charm, can shape shift into a feline


Kissing Charles when she's naked, cowering up to him for protection


Kill everyone in their town and be naked kissing Charles forever

Type of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interest, Evil Love, Horror Love Interest

Mary Brady is the beautiful, sexy, lustful Love Interest of Charles Brady from Stephen King's Sleepwalkers. She and her son are deeply in love and she has no other goal than to be naked kissing him.

She is played by Alice Krige.


Sleepwalkers were once worshiped by early humans as gods but upon finding they were mortal monsters they became hunted. Cats are fatal to sleepwalkers and the vampires can take on human form. Mary's human form is of an amazingly beautiful woman.


Charles kills a girl in California and so Mary cowers up to him for protection so they flee to Indiana and start killing humans there. A girl, Tanya, is attracted to Charles, but Charles's true love is his mother, so he tries to kill Tanya when on a date. This is much to Mary's jealousy because she believes Charles is in love with Tanya.

Charles attacks a policeman who tried to arrest him earlier for narrowly killing a schoolgirl, and Charles kills the cop. He is wounded in the police battle and Tanya injures him. Charles goes back to Mary who protects her naked flesh and Charles' by making them invisible when cops arrive.

Mary attacks Tanya's house and abducts her. She has Charles drain her blood but Tanya kills him. The sheriff helps her out but Mary stabs him to death on a fence.

As Mary tries to kill Tanya, the neighbourhood cats gather round her and kill her by clawing her to death (and ironically causing her to bleed to death) and she bursts into flames as she did so.


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