170px-Mary Spuckler
Mary Spuckler is one of Bart Simpson's love interests in the Simpsons episode, Love is a Many Splintered Thing.  She is one of Cletus' many children.  Bart first met Mary at school while Jimbo Jones dared Bart to do something.  The two fell in love together.  However, things are not going well when Bart is not paying enough attention to her which strains their relationship.  After Homer and Bart were kicked out of the house by Marge, they were forced to stay at a hotel and Homer and the rest of the men reconcile Marge and the other women, including Mary.  In the end Mary, breaks up with Bart and falls in love with someone else.

When Bart wanted to see her to see if she's stilll love him and give him a other chance, she run away from her home to new York because her parents wanted to give her to the man in the wale, Bart begged his mother to go to New York to find her, Marge refuse at first, but finally accepted after see how Bart was heartbroken, he finally find her walking in the street, revealing that she's the only one who still love him and want to give him a second chance,. But her father wanted to bring her home to marry her to the man in the wale, instead of let that happen she again runaway , but before leaving she kiss bart on his cheek and leave telling him that she love him.

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