Catherine Avery

Catherine Avery

Catherine Avery is a major reccuring character of the medical drama romance series, Grey's Anatomy. She is a famous Urologist and is the Head of the Harper Avery Foundation. She is also the mother of Jackson Avery and is the main love interest of Richard Webber.

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Richard WebberEdit

Richard Webber is one of the original main characters of the series and Catherine's main love interest.

Robert AveryEdit

Robert Avery is Catherine's ex-husband

Thomas KoracickEdit

Thomas Koracick is a neurosurgeon who had a previous romantic relationship with Catherine.



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  • She made her first appearance in season eight.
  • She and Richard became a couple towards the ending of the eighth season.
  • Catherine's son Jackson was originally against Catherine and Richard's relationship.
  • Many people believe she is similiar to Miranda Bailey.
  • Catherine and Richard get married by the end of season eleven.
  • Catherine goes back to her maiden name Catherine Fox in season fourteen.

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