is a Pokemon coordinator, the daughter of Norman and Caroline, and Max's older sister. May obviously is the love interest of Ash, but she is known to be Drew's love interest, instead. She has quite a romantic side to her. May also appears in a few episodes of Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension, where she traveled to Sinnoh to compete in the Wallace Cup. May reappears in a flashback in The Dream Continues!.

May has brown hair, with a single fringe at the center with three edges secured by a red and white kerchief. She wears a red shirt with a navy blue semi-circle, navy blue and white gloves, a yellow fanny pack, a white mini skirt over blue cycle shorts, black ankle socks and red, black and yellow shoes with a white streak in the middle.


At the start of her journey, May didn't like Pokémon, as she only wanted to start her journey just so she can travel and visit places. However, her encounter with Ash and Brock changed that. Despite her beauty, May is a sweet and very kind-hearted person, who would help people in need. Like Misty, she can get very angry at times, with her disagreements with Ash or her brother, Max, but unlike Misty, she is able to overcome her fear of Bug-type Pokémon. However, she can get very sad, especially when she loses a Contest, but does her best to prevail. She is also shown to have a secret desire for romance and a crush on Ash, though at rare occasions.