Love Interest

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The Simpsons episode Eeny Teeny Maya Moe




Beauty, wits, charm, dwarfism


Flirting with Moe


Find a man who treasures her for being beautiful

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TV Show Love Interest

Maya was the Love Interest of Moe Syzlak from The Simpsons.


Maya first met Moe on an online dating chat room. Moe joked around, saying "Please tell me you're not some creepy old man sitting in a public library!?!" and Maya said of course not, then asked what about Moe, Moe then said there was a creepier guy next to him. Then Maya asked for a photo of Moe after sending her own image. Initially Moe thought he wouldn't "daresnt" open her image, but he did, and then sent a picture of himself. Moe thought he'd make himself look less ugly by giving himself black tie, but then said he couldn't "start a relationship based on a lie, that'll come later!" After nervously telling his friends about Maya, she turned up outside his tavern as arranged. Initially Moe thought that Maya hadn't showed up because he looked outside, at normal height, and saw no one, until she revealed herself as a tiny dwarf.

Despite this, Moe fell for Maya, (even though he had anti dwarf posters in his bar and a copy of Little Women) and they went on a few dates at the local Italian restaurant and overlooking Springfield city. However, Maya got curious as to why Moe hadn't introduced her to his friends. Moe actually believed Maya lived in a tree on a trip to her house. Moe thought Lenny, Carl and Homer would punt her around and shove Maya out the door with brushes, so he didn't want to show her to them. However, he did think Homer was relatively harmless so he showed Maya to him and went on a double date with Maya, Marge and Homer. Homer began to ask Maya a question - Moe believed it to be related to her height - but to Moe's relief it was a typical Homer question "How is electricity generated in a power plant?"

On the date, Moe proposed to Maya. She accepted, until he began mocking her small size with insulting unending puns. Eventually she "stopped having fun five jokes ago!" and threw Moe out. He went into a depression and went to Doctor Hibbert telling him to shrink him to be a dwarf to impress Maya but Hibbert said this was unorthodox and no authorized physician would perform such an operation!. However, when Moe went to Nick to do his shrinking, Maya arrived, disgusted that Moe only loved her for her size, and despite his efforts to win her back, she said she wanted a man who saw her as beautiful, and left him, heartbroken. However Homer cheered him up by saying there are plenty more women who Moe could get with.