270px-Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) - Profile

Melina Havelock is the love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only.  She is half Greek, half British.  She is the only child of Lona and Sir Timothy Havelock.  She visits her parents and it is a witness to their brutal assassination by the villainious Hector Gonzales and the villainious Aris Kristatos.  Swearing revenge on this, Melina decides to track down Gonzales to a villa outside of Madrid with the help of a detective agency.  She then escapes in a car and meets James Bond after the two escape and Bond tells her that he was also investigating the murder of her father during a briefing with Tanner and Fredrick Gray while his boss was on leave.  Melina vows her quest for vengeance and Bond tries to warn her off.  However, she finds trouble again in Cortina d'Ampezzo, when she got tricked into meeting Bond.  Bond tells her that they should go back to Greece and continue to the investigation.  Though she agrees to do it, but not for long.  The two locate the British spy ship under the ocean and recover the ATAC and eliminate Aristotle Kristatos, who originally worked for Gonzales to destroy the Havelocks.  She and Bond were assisted by Milos Columbo during their mission.  The two finally catching Kristatos and Melina tries to kill him, but Bond wouldn't allow it, because of the worse, and the decision proved irrelevant.  Columbo impals Kristatos and kills him.  While searching for a concealed knife.  Bond and Melina are finally back on the Havelock boat and Melina asks Bond if they would go for a moonlight swim.  Bond agrees and the two go swimming at the end of the film.

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