Love Interest

Full Name





Doctor Who


Model student at Deffry Vale High School


Beauty, immense lust, seduction, charm


Showing her beauty to everyone and acting a damsel


Show her beauty to everyone and become rich and famous

Type of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interest

Melissa was the sexy Love Interest of both Mr. Wagner and Kenny in the Doctor Who episode School Reunion. She was played by Lucinda Dryzek.


Melissa was the sexiest and cleverest student at Deffry Vale High School and because of his infatuation with her Mr. Wagner moved Melissa up to the top class and said her rival Kenny had failed him. Melissa smirked sexually and pranced around, confident that she was all lustful and protected.

To her horror she and all the other top students were brainwashed into being living computers by Wagner and the other teachers who were really Krillitane aliens who wanted to unlock the secrets of immortality and become gods.

However, the Tenth Doctor, Rose, Mickey and Sarah Jane destroyed the plan and Mickey freed the brainwashed students. He ran a hand over Melissa's face to see if she was conscious but, being brainwashed, she didn't even see him.

When freed, all the students ran out of the school seconds before K9 blew it up. Melissa was all sweaty from running out and shocked at her narrow escape. She noticed Kenny looking lustfully at her and asked him if he blew up the school. He confirmed it and she gasped in horror and fainted from a panic attack.


Despite acting all smug and businesslike amongst her peers, Melissa was really a cowardly, insecure yet arrogant and narcissistic damsel who could never do anything for herself and only cared about her beauty.

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