Mia Watanabe
Mia is the girlfriend of Jayden and the love interest of Kevin and Spike Skullovitch in Power Rangers Samurai. She's the Pink Samurai Ranger.

Her StoryEdit

She has crush on Jayden the red samurai ranger, Kevin also have a crush on her.

Jayden has feelings for Mia. They fight together in the team and when they are alone together they show each other love

They share a moment when they go together in Super Samurai Trust Me

In the episode He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother, Spike has a crush on Mia and says "She's pretty".

She sometimes watches Jayden train

She is shown to have feelings for Jayden. She is also best friends with Emily.

Jayden and Mia start dating after they defeat Master Xandred.

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