Miho Maruyama is a friend of Nobuko Yokokawa. She is a talented manga artist. She seems to have feelings beyond friendship for Nobuko.

Biography Edit

Miho first appears during the later half of the series when she befriends Nobuko in their same class. Nobuko was pretty upset that she didn't share class with Aiko, but soon found a friendship in Miho; who was able to draw Nobuko's fanciful stories and tall-tales. 

Appearance Edit

Miho is a tan-skinned girl with light brown eyes. She has light brown, wavy hair that appears to be very short and frames the upper portion of her face. She wears some of her hair in a bun on the top of her head, held by a beige-brown ribbon. 

She wears a dark green T-shirt with a beige E and collar, a pair of dull gray pants with dark gray lines on each leg, and a pair of dark brown and gray sneakers. Her appearance is that of a tomboy; compared to Nobuko's feminine. 

Personality Edit

Miho is generally nice to others and appears to be a little more rough to most girls. But she was very jealous over Aiko's close friendship with Nobuko at first and as a result was pretty hostile towards her until Aiko helped her get over her feelings of inferiority as Nobuko's new friend. 

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