Miho "Ribbon" Nosaka
is the love interest of Hiroto Honda in Yu-Gi-Oh!


Miho was in the same class as Yugi, Jounouchi and Honda. Her yellow ribbon was her trademark as she wore it every day. Honda had a huge crush on her but was too shy to do make a move.

Jounouchi convinced Honda that Yugi could help. Though Honda and Yugi didn't like each other at this point, Jounouchi thought that it could help them become friends. Honda tells Yugi to write Miho a love letter and has Jounouchi slip it into her desk. At that moment, their sadistic teacher arrives and orders the students to empty the contents of their desks and bags. She finds the love letter and reads it out loud to the entire class, embarrassing both Miho and Honda. Yugi admits that he wrote the letter, but Jounouchi says that he gave it to Miho. Honda, feeling further humiliated, decides to fess up and says that the note was from him. The teacher threatens to expel them all, but Yami Yugi places a curse on her that causes her face to distort into a hideous visage. Horrified, she runs away.

Honda eventually gathers the courage to talk to Miho, but she turns him down. Despite this, his time with Yugi has made them firm friends.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Edit

Miho is one of the main characters in the anime. Her character is depicted as ditzy and shallow, which Honda refuses to notice. Honda's infatuation means he'll usually make bad decisions such as spending all his money buying her gifts or even staying up all night taking care of her digital pet.

Miho completely ignores Honda, instead taking an interest in other characters such as Ryo Bakura.

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