Mimi is the love interest of Linus Van Pelt in the Peanuts TV special "It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown". She is a blonde girl who loves gardens and (as Linus brings up) birthday parties. She grows flowers in her grandmother's garden because #1: the world would be desolate without them, and #2: a proverb says "He who plants a garden plants happiness". She is first heard singing in Italian, attracting Linus. They talk together and she plants a garden of flowers. They both have lemonade, and he invites her to his upcoming birthday party, and she accepts. Until the big day comes he can't help but hear her voice, though she is not around. She doesn't come for most of the party until those who did come sang "Happy Birthday" to Linus, and then her voice is heard. It turns out she was taken there, and she gives him a rose and a kiss, but she doesn't stay. Instead, she leaves.

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