270px-Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike) - Profile

Miranda Frost is the second love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Die Another Day.  She is also Gustav Graves' assistant.  She is a Harvard-educated gold medal-winning Olympic fencer and she won gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics by default.  She was sent by M to work alongside Bond, but does not approve of Bond's methods.  When caught by Mr. Kil and his minions.  She helps Bond keep incognito by kissing him.  The two spend the night together in Miranda's suite to keep up the pretense that they are lovers.  After Bond awakens and goes after Graves, Miranda pleads for him not to go, but he insists.  Bond finally meets Graves it is revealed that she betrayed Bond in North Korea that led to 14 months of incarceration and torture at the hands of the North Koreans.  Bond tries to kill her, but he realizes his weapon is missing.  The two are in bed and Frost decides to empty his Walther P99.  Bond manages to use the sonic agitator ring provided by Q to destroy the glass platform on which they were both standing.  She and Bond fall in the jungle environment of Graves' geodesic dome.  In the end, she and Jinx were in a sword fight and Frost got impaled by Jinx.

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