Miss Acacia is singing character in the movie Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart. She is the love interest of Jack and Joe.



Flamenco dancer dress, (red with gold sequins and black lace).

Short dress from her school, (eggplant with a red tie and white shoulder panels).

Role In MovieEdit

Her role is a fiery-eyed flamenco dancer with a dazzling voice (Olivia Ruiz). She first meets Jack singing in the town square as a kid. Jack (also a kid) approaches, he hears a machine that works the same way his clock works. He is then smitten by her and sings along until they almost kiss, making his heart malfunction. Madeline, (Jacks adoptive mother comes) just in time (as Jack is passed out, his heart almost on fire). Madeline asks her, "What did you do to him?!" Threatened, Acacia flees.

The next time we see her she is at the Granada or the "Extrodinarium." Jack learns about her whereabouts from Joe (the antagonist who also loves Miss Acacia) after a couple years. Joe gets his eyes poked out by Jack's clock while beating Jack up at school), sending Jack on the run from the police and after Acacia.

Once he finds her he becomes her boyfriend (after several meetings) and proposes to run away together. She agrees and he gives her the key to his heart (literally). But then Joe shows up and threatens to kill Jack over Miss Acacia. She leaves to go home to Edinburgh with Joe, fearing that she might kill Jack if she stays (Joe has told her about the three rules that Jack did not mention to her). Jack lets her go but is forced by his friend (Melies) to go home to Madeline to get fixed, because his heart is broken.

Enlightened by Joe that Madeline died in prison possibly of a broken heart, Miss Acacia remembers she still has the key to Jack's heart. At first she goes to Melies, but Melies tells her that Jack went off to find Madeline. She replies to him that Madeline is dead to which she is encouraged to go and find him. The next time we see Miss Acacia is when she runs up the hill of Jack's home and finds Jack leaning against what is to be assumed Madeline's grave in the snow. She tries to wind his heart up with the key, but Jack refuses and throws his key over the cliff. He says, "From now on, whatever happens to me... I'll only have myself to blame. So now you can kiss me," and so they finally do. Time stops as they kiss and Jack symbolically dies. (He climbs into the heavens on frozen in place snowflakes.)


"Lady in Red": She's relatively innocent at first, but given her song lyrics, she's sexy, she knows it, and she's not against flaunting it while performing, even if off-stage. She's not terribly unlike how she was when she was younger.

Something About a Rose: Pretty much Acacia's entire character concept. Her dress looks like rose petals, she wears roses in her hair, and when she feels threatened, thorns sprout from her body.

Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Dark hair and pale skin is an indication that a character is beautiful.

The Illegal: Acacia's backstory states that she is actually from Spain, and was in Edinburgh illegally.

Childhood Friend Romance: Acacia's childhood friend Joe is in love with her, but it's clear she doesn't love him back.

Blind Without 'Em: Miss Acacia claims she can barely see with her glasses. (Though, when for a moment we see from her perspective, she seems to be able to see fine when she puts them on.) 

Romance Edit

Jack - Miss Acacia has been in love with Jack since they first sang together as children.

Joe - Miss Acacia knew Joe when she was a child, but it's clear that she was never in love with him.


  • Acacia is seen always wearing red in the film.
  • Miss Acacia sprouts thorns when angry or threatened.
  • She doesn't like wearing her glasses.
  • Miss Acacia says she can't see, even with her glasses. However, when Joe comes to see her, it's clear that she can see fine with them.
  • According to Acacia, she and her parents were from Spain.*
  • The Moon in the movie as even has her face.