Miss Othmar is an unseen character in Charles Schult's comic strip, Peanuts. She is Linus van Pelt's schoolteacher.  Iimmediately, Linus developed a crush on her. Linus has a big crush on Miss Othmar. In one strip, he says he does not worship her, but is fond of the ground she walks on.

Linus loves pretty much everything Miss Othmar does. One exception to this is, he does not like her opinion of his security blanket. When he finds out that she does not like his blanket, Charlie Brown says to Lucy "This means Linus is going to have to choose between his blanket and Miss Othmar, doesn't it?" Just then Linus walks by holding his blanket and says, "Who's Miss Othmar?" so it is clear which one he chose. However, when Miss Othmar is not talking about his blanket, Linus really likes her.

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