Mona is a character from Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. Mona is first seen walking with Max from college and seeing him talking to his father, Goofy on the phone. Afterwards, she is seen on the train and then walks off to Goofy and Max's house. And after that happens, Goofy seems to accidentally keep embarrassing Max by showing Mona Max's baby pictures. Mona is last seen making popcorn with Goofy and Max, which turns the house into a "more snowy" house, showing her buckteeth equivalent to Goofy and Max's, and making snow angels with them. She is voiced by Kellie Martin.


  • Mona almost looks like Roxanne, but is a brunette and has shorter hair than the redhead, Roxanne. Mona's voice actress, Kellie Martin, also voiced Roxanne in A Goofy Movie.

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