Morgiana is the love interest of Alibaba Saluja and Hakuryuu Ren in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magi. She was first a slave with Goltas of Jamil, when she met Aladdin and Alibaba. She is a descendent of the hunting tribe 'Fanalis'. Although she looks like a normal girl, as a Fanalian she possesses a superhuman strength, speed and senses.

It's usually hinted she has a crush on Alibaba, but he doesn't notices it and she doesn't understand those feelings. During a trip to Alibaba's home country, Alibaba learns about her feelings through a friend and becomes excited after believing they are now a couple after he misunderstands something she says and takes it as a confession. Morgiana clears the misunderstanding to Alibaba's great distress, but Morgiana apologizes and admits that although she doesn't understand romantic feelings, she would like to be with him and asks him to teach her about romantic love so they can someday get together.

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