Mr. Slave was Mr. Garrison's ex-boyfriend and later husband of Big Gay Al in the animated comedy South Park.


Mr. Slave was initially introduced under the pretense of allowing the 4th graders to become accustomed to homosexuality. This is quickly revealed to be a hoax, as Mr. Garrison is just trying to get fired for being gay himself so he can sue the school. To that end, Mr. Slave is subjected to the most perverse acts imaginable in front of the 4th graders. The fact that he enjoys every moment of this shows that Mr. Slave is a masochist.

Despite being a gay stereotype, Mr. Slave is also quite wise, giving Wendy advice about how she shouldn't aspire to be a sex object.


Mr. GarrisonEdit

Sp910 Follow That Egg-1

l-r Mr. Slave, Mr(s.) Garrison and Big Gay Al

Mr. Slave would frequently appear alongside Mr. Garrison. The relationship is shown to be heavily based on sex and bondage, as they frequently hit the bars looking for fellow gay men. When Mr. Garrison had a sex change, Mr. Slave was distraught, as Mr. Garrison made the decision without thinking about his feelings. Mr. Slave then left Mr. Garrison. Mr. Garrison, now believing that he was a woman, turned homophobic and belittled Mr. Slave for this.

Big Gay AlEdit

After leaving Mr. Garrison, Mr. Slave started seeing Big Gay Al. Their relationship isn't explored in detail, but is assumed to be a loving one as Big Gay Al is much kinder than Mr. Garrison. The two later get engaged right before same-sex marriage is legalized in South Park and become South Park's first gay married couple.


  • Mr. Slave's love triangle bears some similarities to Satan's. Mr. Garrison is aggressive and psychotic like Saddam Hussein, while Big Gay Al is good-natured and caring like Chris.
  • Mr. Slave can be heard singing Take on Me in the end credits to the episode Asspen.

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