"Mrs. Athlete awaaaay!"~Spoken before she takes off and flies into the sky. Mrs Athlete also said before she flies through the roof and into the sky. She also said before she flies into space

"CJ I'll carry you so we can get away from guards"~Spoken  when she carries CJ in her arms and she flies away into the sky away from the guards, carrying him back home while she flies

Kendra Miles aka Mrs. Athlete is the levitating girl and CJ Porritt's major love interest (she can still love CJ, hang out with him and kiss him when she is about to leave and fly away). She has the ability to fly and levitate. Kendra loves to carry CJ while flying or levitating. She hugs and kisses CJ when she does a flying hug (During levitation). She wears a red and white sleeveless shirt, red and white shorts, white shoes and a white hat. She flies away with Kristin Marie in every fan films after they hugged CJ (Kendra flies away with Kristin Marie, carrying CJ in the third and forth fan films).


Flight-Mrs. Athlete can really fly at great speeds. Mrs. Athlete can fly at super speed in the vacuum of space without anything. In space, she can levitate and see the view. She loves to hang out with CJ so she picks him up and takes him for a flight. She usually flies away through the roof. As Mrs. Athlete flies away, she leaves a pink trail behind her. When she is with Kristin Marie, Mrs. Athlete and Kristin can hold CJ's hand and fly into the sky and around the city. She can let CJ ride on her back for a Mrs. Athlete back ride.

Levitation-Mrs. Athlete can lift off the gound and levitate. She can also bend her knees and jump high into the sky and begin her levitation (She can also do that while carrying CJ). Kendra and Kristin Marie can hold CJ's hands and fly up into the sky and start their levitation. Not only she levitates, she can also fly in the air.

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