Will's mom polly McKenzie inbetweeners

Polly McKenzie aka Will's Mum is an object of lust for all the boys (especially Neil) and Mr Gilbert in the BBC comedy The Inbetweeners.


She divorced Will's father after he cheated on her. Will and his mum then moved to the suburbs.

Will's Mum tends to embarrass Will at every opportunity. She doesn't seem to notice the effect she has on teenage boys, with the exception of one French exchange student, whom she was obviously attracted to.

The boy's Head of Year Mr Gilbert takes an interest in Will's Mum, making an offhand comment in one episode before acting on his attraction towards her in the second film. To Will's disgust, they engage in heavy petting right in front of him. They then get engaged, which horrifies Will so much that he tries to seek asylum in Vietnam.

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