Ms. Bellum

Ms. Sara Bellum is the love interest of Professor Utonium in the Powerpuff girls. She is voiced by Jennifer Martin.

Usually beside Mayor, Ms. Bellum is his deputy and the "brains" of his operations. She has red hair, wears a red dress, red shoes, and her face is almost never shown throughout the series.

She is The Mayor's very competent assistant, a statuesque redhead. Ms. Bellum is a very beautiful, sexy, tall, shapely lady with a great deal of curly red/ginger hair and a red dress with red pumps and speaks with a throaty, alluring, and quite unruffled voice.

She handles things the Mayor can't, which is practically everything. Her face is never revealed onscreen (except for one instance in a form of a dog in "Monkey See, Doggie Do" and until "The Powerpuff Girls Rule"). Ms. Bellum is married Utonium in "The City of Clipsville".