"Oohhh, goodness. Would anybody mind cleaning my erasers after class?"

-Ms. Ellen

Ms. Ellen was Mr. Garrison's replacement teacher and a love interest to all the boys in South Park


Ms. Ellen was a substitute teacher that was called in after Mr. Garrison had plastic surgery, taking him out of class for awhile. Right away, all the boys, including Stan, were enamoured with her. When Chef lay eyes on Ms. Ellen, he tried putting the moves on her. Ms Ellen politely turned Chef down, revealing herself as a lesbian. When he told the boys this, they all tried to be lesbians, clearly not understanding what the word meant.

R.I.P. Dat Butt

Wendy's inevitable jealousy grew increasingly unstable as time went on. She loudly threatened Ms. Ellen when they were alone and she gave Ms. Ellen a dead animal as a cruel gift. When Wendy arrived at school dressed like Sandy in Grease, she found out that Ms. Ellen was dressed exactly the same, eclipsing her attempts. Ms. Ellen announced that whoever got the highest score on the last spelling test would get to have dinner with her. To Wendy's dismay, Stan got the highest score and Ms. Ellen had been announced as Mr. Garrison's permanent replacement. Her grandmother also died.

At dinner, Stan tried propositioning Ms. Ellen, only for her to remind him that he was only eight. Wendy, defeated, apologised to Ms. Ellen and wished her and Stan the best of luck. At that moment, Iraqi troops burst into the class and accuse Ms. Ellen of seducing their leader. Ms. Ellen, terrified, grabs a gun and tries to shoot her way out, only to wind up killing Kenny and being dragged off. Some time later, Wendy has a party celebrating Ms. Ellen's immanent execution, gleefully watching as she's shot into the sun. When Kyle catches Wendy talking to one of the troops, he realises that Wendy planned her assassination!


  • Ms. Ellen was based on TV personality Ellen DeGeneres
  • Ms. Ellen's sexuality combined with her being framed with seducing Saddam Hussein is fairly ironic, given that Saddam is later portrayed as homosexual himself
  • Ms. Ellen is the only other character besides Wendy that can make Stan vomit uncontrollably

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