Ms. Stevenson is Ike Broflovski's love interest in South Park.


Ms. Stevenson was a Kindergarten teacher. Ike had a crush on her and wasn't shy to admit it. When Cartman found a picture Ike drew of her, Ms. Stevenson tries to tell Ike that they can't be together, but finds herself falling for Ike. The two start a relationship behind everyone's backs, even sleeping together.

Kye finds Ike at Ms. Stevenson's house taking a bath with her and threatens to tell their mother. Cartman catches them making out in the hallway and tells the principal. Ms. Stevenson is then arrested, but cops an insanity plea because all the cops think her predicament is a turn-on. Ms. Stevenson is admitted to rehab and fakes progress in order to get out as soon as possible.

Ms. Stevenson and Ike make plans to run away to Milan. Cartman, Kyle and a ragtag gang track tham down to an airport hotel and chase them onto the rooftop. The police get involved and Ms. Stevenson tells Ike that they'll have to commit suicide. Kyle tries to reason with Ike that his first love shouldn't be his last and he has his whole life to meet someone he'd die for, but Ms. Stevenson tries to get Ike to die with her. Growing tired of Ms. Stevenson's needy personality, Ike backs out and leaves Ms. Stevenson to die.