Musa is one of the main characters of the Winx Club series. She is the Guardian Fairy of Music and one of the founding members of the Winx Club. She is also best friends with Tecna and is the former main love interest of Riven.

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Riven was a member of the Specialists and is Musa's former main love interest.

In the fifth season, Musa and Riven's relationship is much better as they are shown to be more closer and happy together, showing their relationship truly has been restored after everything that happened between them in the previous season. However, Musa becomes upset and angry with Riven when she starts to notice his odd behaviour and for reasons unknown he creates excuses to leave whenever they are spending quiality time together. Musa also starts to become jealous when she notices Riven admiring a new fairy at Alfea. Musa becomes further upset when she again witnesses Riven and the same fairy together shortly he made another excuse, causing her to believe Riven might be cheating on her. Eventually towards the ending of the season at Stella's Fashion Show, Riven reveals he has been secretly getting guitar lessons from the fairy as he was preparing a special love song he wrote for Musa. Together Musa and Riven perform the song and their relationship is once again restored.

However, in the beginning of the sixth season, Musa and Riven are revealed to be having problems in their relationship once again. Throughout the season, Riven has been constantly ignoring Musa and instead is focusing on training himself with his new weapon as he wants to become the leader of the Specialists. Musa puts up with Riven's behaviour, but throughout the season she becomes increasingly upset with him constantly ignoring and neglecting her and attempts to seek advise from Flora about the situation with him. Eventually, towards the conclusion of the season, Musa finally stands up for herself and confronts Riven about his behaviour and expresses her deeply hurt feelings that Riven doesn't seem to care for her anymore. However, Riven refuses to listen to Musa and resumes his training, leaving Musa deeply hurt and storming away. Eventually, Riven slowly begins to realize the error of his recent behaviour and treatment towards Musa when he fails to protect her from Rumplestilskin stealing her voice. Eventually, after a duel with Sky and watching Musa and the Winx performing, Riven finally acknowledges his poor and actions, realizing how much he let his ambitions and desires blind him and cost him his relationship with Musa.

When Musa succeeds in saving Alfea from the Witches of Cloud Tower, Riven congratulates Musa, but after his prior treatment towards her, she refuses to listen and attempts to leave. However, Riven continues to congratulate Musa and finally apologises for his behaviour by acknowledging that she deserves better. Riven continues to voice his feelings and regrets to Musa, admitting he hasn't been a good boyfriend or Specialist as he has lost his view and way of being a hero. Musa regains her voice and forgives Riven, but now realizing they aren't meant for each other, Musa and Riven break up for good and remain friends. Afterwards once the Winx and Specialists appear, Riven announces his decision to leave to work through his issues by himself and find his way to become a true hero. Riven says goodbye to Musa and leaves Alfea, marking the end to their relationship and officially leaving the Specialists.

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Jason Queen is a record producer on Earth. In the fourth season, Musa meets Jason Queen, a record producer on Earth. Upon witnessing Musa performing at the Frutti Music Bar, Jason becomes impressed and decides to make Musa into a star due to her amazing singing voice. However, upon witnessing Musa and Jason together, causes Riven to become jealous and unsupportive of Musa, causing serious problems in their relationship. Musa becomes deeply upset, but Jason comforts Musa, assuring her everything is going to be alright, showing his kindness and his support. Eventually, soon after Musa and Riven break up, Musa begins to develop romantic feelings for Jason, seeing that he truly supports her and believes he might feel the same way. However, Musa sadly discovers that Jason is engaged later in the season upon receiving an invitation to sing at his wedding, leaving Musa heartbroken once again.


Orlando is a musician who is part of a traveling performing arts group that Musa met while she and the Winx travelled to the past in the seventh season.


Jared is a student at Red Fountain who harboured unrequited romantic feelings for Musa during the second season of the series.




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  • Out of all the Winx Club Couples, Musa and Riven had the most issues and problems in their relationship.
  • Musa originally had short hair, but changed her hairstyle in the beginning of the third season.
  • In the 4Kids version of the Winx Club, Musa was a princess as her father was a disowned prince due to his desire to become a musician.

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