Nabulungi is the daughter of Mafala, and the love interest of Arnold Cunningham, in,  The Book Of Mormon. She dreams to one day go to Sal Tlay  Ka siti. She believes everything elder Cunningham said. Of course Arnold mistaken her name everytime, but she's developped feeling for him too and wanted to help him and the others elders for their job. But later her heart is broken, after she finds out her and her people will never get to be mormons. She returns to her village, after leaving all of the elders behind. Still angry at Cunningham, she tells her village he was eating by lions just before she wanted to do everything, the general Butt Naked confronted her, but Cunningham and Price came to her rescue and saves her and the villagers. She forgives Arnold and became a mormon with the support of Price Cunningham the others elders and her village, she goes mud hut to mud hut with them.

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