Nancy Kendricks is the love interest of Alex Rose from the 2003 comedy film, Duplex.  She and Alex are a professional New York couple seaching for a dream home and the finally lived in the Brooklyn brownstone house and meet Mrs. Connelly.  Nancy loses her job and she and Alex are trapped in the house with Mrs. Connelly.  Alex approaches Coop to ask for a loan, but is rebuffed.  She and Alex sell the every object for the things on Christmas Eve.  Chicks tries to kill Mrs. Connelly, but ends up failing to kill her.  She and Alex decided to evict themselves and discovered that Mrs. Connelly has died.  Mrs. Connelly's son was actually the landlord and she and Alex were harassed.  Alex then begins using the experience as the inspiration for his next book and Alex and Nancy had to find a new home and continued dating.  She is played by Drew Barrymore.

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