Officer Nathan Rhodes is the love interest of Annie in the comedy film Bridesmaids.

Biography Edit

Rhodes is the local police officer. He catches Annie driving with broken taillights and pulls her over, but after having a casual conversation he decides not to give her a ticket out of sympathy.

Rhodes and Annie meet later on and bond further. Upon finding out that Annie's baking business recently fell apart, Rhodes convinces her to get back on the horse and just bake for the fun of it. Annie takes offence and leaves Rhodes, who tries calling her but gets ignored.

After Annie has a breakdown at her friend's bridal shower, she gets in a collision and Rhodes arrives to give her another ticket. He uses the opportunity to tell Annie that she's so busy being self-absorbed that she doesn't notice the things she does have control over, such as her taillights and her relationships. Annie sinks further into a depression, but when the bride disappears, she asks Rhodes for help in finding her. It turns out she was just at their old apartment having pre-wedding anxiety.

After the wedding, Rhodes arrives to make amends with Annie. He offers her a lift, but says he plans on booking her since she's such a reckless driver. It's assumed that they eventually start a relationship after this.

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