Neera, is a character, from the 2000 Disney movie, Dinosaur. She is the love interest of Aladar.

Neera is the sister of Kron. She at first believes everything that Kron has taught her, and thinks that only the best dinosaurs should survive. Aladar soon joins the herd of dinosaurs, and when he sees Neera, he falls for her right away. His monkey friends tease Aladar, saying that Neera is his girlfriend. This soon comes true, when Aladar and Neera talk to each other, and Aladar shows her that everything Kron has taught her is false. 

Eventually, Neera sides with Aladar, against her brother. When Kron is killed by a Carnotaurus because of this, Neera is upset by this. Aladar comforts her.

In the end, Aladar and Neera get married, and have kids.

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