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Neflite (also Nefrite or Nephlite) was the love interest of Naru/Molly in the first Sailor Moon series.



Neflite in the anime

Nephlite is one of Queen Beryl's Negaverse warriors, yet he is hated by fellow warrior Zoycite.

He takes residence on  Earth and masquerades as a wealthy heir, catching Naru's eye. Even knowing how evil Neflite is doesn't change Naru's mind about loving him. She even went as far as to defend Neflite when Sailor Moon was about to vanquish him.

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Neflite with Naru, right before he dies

Neflite becomes good when one of Zoycite's monsters attacks Naru and he defends her. Neflite sustains heavy injuries while doing so. Eventually, much to Naru's grief, Neflite dies.

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