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Noor "Nadia" Abed Jaseem is a minor character on the TV show, Lost. She is the secondary love interest of Sayid Jarrah (the primary one being Shannon Rutherford) . 

Sayid and Nadia were friends as children. Sayid would often bully her, because he had a crush on her, and wanted her attention.

When Nadia grew up, she joined an insurgent group against Saddam Hussein's regime. As a result to this, she was captured and interrogated by the Iraqi Republican Guard. Sayid, who worked for the Iraqi army, was forced to torture her, until she would tell them what they wanted to know. When Nadia refused to give them any answers, she was ordered to be killed. Sayid, not wanting Nadia to die, helped her escape, by shooting a supirior officer, and then himself in the leg, making it look like Nadia escaped. Nadia begged Sayid to come with her, but refused, so Nadia gave him a picture of her for him.

A few years later, Sayid left the army, and decided to go looking for her. He eventually found out she was in Los Angelos. Sayid went on a plane to get to her, but the plane crashed, and Sayid landed on an island, along with many other survivors. Sayid never forgot about her, and kept the picture of her.

In the Season 4 finale, Sayid manages to get off the island, and finds Nadia. The two are overjoyed to see each other, and marry shortly after. Unfortunately, not long after their marriage, Nadia is hit by a hit-and-run car, and killed. Her last words to Sayid were "take me home".

Sayid was a pallbearer at her funeral, and Benjamin Linus comes over to him, and lies to him about who is responsible for Nadia's death. Sayid, believing Ben, takes revenge on all the people who Ben told him is responsible, by killing them.

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