Nyan Cat is a grey cat with a strawberry pop tart body and the ability to leave a rainbow trail while in flight.

He is in love with Purple Grape jelly pop tart Nyan kitten or Nyan kitten for short, also known as Mrs. Nyan after her marriage to Nyan Cat.


Mrs. Nyan cat was Nyan cat's wife and only companion until her tragic death by a freak meteor accident in space.


Among other things such as adorableness, Nyan Cat has the power of flight, invulnerability to projectiles, Ability to survive the harshness of space without a space suit for a superman like length of time, rainbow poop, rainbow fart laser beams, and the ability to turn his enemies into life sized strawberry pop tarts no matter their original size.

Purple grape Jelly pop tart Nyan kitten shared her husbands power of flight and survival in space and also left behind a rainbow trail but it is unknown whether Nyan Kitten possessed any of his other powers, her untimely death would suggest this.

Some believe that mini nyan cats have the ability to regenerate after being squashed in two with each half becoming a miny Nyan cat of its own. Mini Nyan cats though similar in appearance & sharing the same name are different from the titular character himself and are not his children (baby Nyan kittens.)

Nyan Kitten may explode into rainbow dust or paint on death while Nyan Kitten(Mrs. Nyan) appeared not to.

Nyan Cat is a widower.

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