Love Interest
Officer Brooks - Goosebumps Movie

Full Name

Officer Brooks




Goosebumps film


Police officer in Madison city


Beauty, lust for Officer Stephens, intimidation


Bullying citizens, lusting after Stephens


Get romantically with Stephens and have him protect her when she's naked

Type of Love Interest


Officer Brooks is the sexy Love Interest of Officer Stephens, and, briefly, RL Stine, in the Goosebumps movie.


Officer Brooks plays the role of the lustful cowardly chick in all horror films. She first appears when Zac called the police about screaming from the Stine house and when the police went in Officer Brooks immediately yelled Stine was under arrest. Stephens calmed her down and set about investigating. Stine said things were all OK and that his daughter Hannah was back in England with her mother. Stine explained the screams that Zac heard came from a video recording in the attic.

Officer Brooks admired Stine's house. Stine said "Why thank you sweetheart" and Stephens told Brooks that they might have to reassign her to a mental evaluation test for being so intimidating to civilians.

Later as Slappy the Dummy cut the power to the town and the police were wondering what was behind this outage, Brooks was noticeably cowering when Stephens joked that it was the Blob That Ate Everyone. Proving his lust for Brooks, Stephens said she should come to his place and he'd protect her and watch the Blob film.

However, the power went out in the station and Brooks got terrified, and they saw Slappy sitting in a chair. He began speaking, unnerving Stephens, and scaring Brooks out of her mind as she said it was impossible for a ventriloquist dummy to speak. Slappy then said he came in peace and he was unarmed. However, he told them he was relieving them of their duties. Then the Body Squeezer aliens came in and assisted Slappy by freezing Officers Brooks and Stephens. Officer Brooks looked fearfully and lustfully at Stephens before she was frozen alongside him.

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